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About Us


The Tinkle Belle was designed by a group of professional, adventurous women from Northwestern Montana.  We were tired of the hindrances of having to pee in situations that required running to hide behind bushes, lack of cleanliness, lack of facilities, and the time to search and worry about restrooms.  We hated having to find somewhere to squat in the great outdoors when we were exploring Montana.  We only wanted to worry about where our adventures would take us, not where the next clean restroom would be. Our Mission was to create a product where any woman could #getoutandGO!  Only the perfect product would be good enough to release on the market.

There were other stand to pee products available, but none of them seemed to work reliably and easily without leaks or collapsing during use.  Most other designs required partially disrobing in order to use them. Many other products leaked if a woman really had to "go", so to say.  After years of engineering, design, prototypes and testing, The Tinkle Belle was born! As designed, The Tinkle Belle alleviated the shortcomings that had been experienced in other products. The Tinkle Belle is discreet, foldable, durable and super functional.  A woman's every natural curve was taken into consideration in the design process, every material was carefully chosen. This accessory doesn't leak and is soft for delicate areas. The Tinkle Belle fits all of the mission's concepts so women no longer have to worry about lack of facilities or disgusting situations. 

With the Tinkle Belle, there will be no more baring of private assets under the car door by the side of the highway nor looking for a shrub while out on a hike.  Traveling is so much easier not having to "hold it" while on a plane, at the airport, or at a disgusting roadside restroom. Hydrating properly while out and about, and being able to pee freely side-by-side with the men in our lives is now a reality! You can truly live your #lifeOUTSTANDING and #letpeedomring !