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How To Use Your Tinkle Belle

How do I use The Tinkle Belle?

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  1. Unfold The Tinkle Belle soft liner so that the spout is fully extended.
  2. If desired, flex the hard-shell portion outward from the thumb rest area to widen the trough area.  You can repeat as needed-The Tinkle Belle is flexible and durable!
  3. Move panties or clothing to the side or down.
  4. Slide The Tinkle Belle through your clothing or fly.
  5. Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
  6. Place the hard-shell portion of The Tinkle Belle next to your body under your pelvic floor.  It should be placed directly under your urethra so that urine flows directly into the hard-shell portion of the accessory. Most women find that the back edge of the Tinkle Belle is positioned under the center of the vaginal opening.  Do not insert internally.
  7. Place your thumbs on the thumb rests to point the spout DOWN for proper seal. This will allow The Tinkle Belle to seal against your body. Make sure any clothing/fly/zipper is under the hard-shell portion of The Tinkle Belle. The thumb rests should be accessible in front of clothing.
  8. When properly positioned, the end of the spout should always be pointed downward.
  9. Push your rear backwards to let gravity do its job. (yes, looking down does help!)
  10. Relax and #letpeedomring.
  11. When finished, keep The Tinkle Belle pointed down.
  12. To wipe, slowly pull the Tinkle Belle forward with gentle pressure utilizing the extreme comfort lip. This will catch any last drops and leave you feeling clean and dry.
  13. Shake any remaining drops off your Tinkle Belle Accessory.
  14. To store your Tinkle Belle on the go, fold back the soft spout under the hard-shell and keep it in the supplied carry case.  For long term storage it is recommended that you store your Tinkle Belle with the spout deployed straight to avoid fold memory.  The spout can also be stored by folding it to the side, but it may maintain "fold memory." You can fix this by pinching it to the opposite side a few times to straighten the spout.
  15. Enjoy your #lifeOUTSTANDING- get out and GO!
  16. You can clean your Tinkle Belle with soap and water (dish soap or hand soap) and shake or wipe dry.

Hint- Feeling nervous about your first try?  A great way to be confident in using The Tinkle Belle is to start by practicing in the shower or in front of your own toilet at home.

Watch This User Video On How To Use
The Tinkle Belle- Tips and Tricks