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The Tinkle Belle Is A New Way To Go

The Tinkle Belle featured in The Flathead Beacon newspaperhttps://flatheadbeacon.com/2018/10/25/new-way-go/

The Tinkle Belle is a must have item to add to your race-sherpa toolbox from 303Triathalon.com


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Women your should Try This Stand-to-Pee Device

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She's Free, She Pees Blog Post from GunniGirls

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The First Forty Miles Podcast


 The Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail Podcast

The Mighty Blue on the AT Tinkle Belle Adyn Sonju
The Tinkle Belle is featured
in Outdoor Insight Magazine in the August 2018 edition:
"Yes, this is what youthink it is. An accessory designed by outdoorswomen, The Tinkle Belle is a “stand to pee” device for women. It allows for discreetness in an
outdoor environment where a traditional bathroom is not an option. It eliminates squatting and the need to disrobe. It is antimicrobial and anatomically shaped. MSRP $27.50." 

Bold Betties Review

Bold Betties Tinkle Belle review article press media
Peeing outdoors can be tricky. There are multiple techniques you can try with varying results. Do you look for a bush, tree, or rock? Read more from the Bold Betties gear review.

Travels with Bibi

travelwithbibi Tinkle Belle gear review
 With Tinkle Belle, all women can now #getoutandgo while they #letpeedomring since removal of clothing is not necessary for use. It’s designed to reduce splashing and providing less risk of overflow too. I think that’s the part I like best! Read more from travelswithbibi.com.