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Our mission is to enable women of all ages to be able to get out live healthy, active lives anywhere without having to be hindered by a lack of facilities or having to bare their assets. Women should always be able to hydrate without fear of where the next restroom will be.  The Tinkle Belle gives women the ability and convenience of standing to urinate discreetly.

The Tinkle Belle also supports the God Forgives Foundation.

The God Forgives Foundation is a non-denominational foundation that opens and maintains orphanages and schools in second and third world countries around the world. These children normally would not have a chance in life. Many of the children would be abused or end up in sex trafficking or modern-day slavery.

We are committed to opening at least one orphanage per year, and we have just committed to build the fifth one this year.

The foundation has zero overhead and zero administrative costs.

100 percent of the money the foundation generates is used directly for the orphanages and schools. The foundation sustains the orphanages and helps the children transition to adulthood either with skill-based training or education. 

Mabel's House Orphanage in India is supported by your purchase of a Tinkle Belle

The foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, and we do not ask for donations at this time. Instead, we are continually investing in, and incorporating businesses and products that help us increase the amount of support and net income that we can generate for the foundation and the children. This will allow the orphanages to sustain and grow in quantity long into the future.

In our view, it doesn't matter if you're religious or not, what political affiliation you are, what country you are in, your race, sexual orientation or what your socioeconomic background is. We believe that any and all children should have a good opportunity at life. We wish we could help them all and we're trying to do as much as we are able, one child at a time.

 Mabel's House Orphanage in India is supported by your purchase of a Tinkle Belle Female Urinary Device

We believe that the best way you can support the foundation is through purchasing and utilizing our products, like The Tinkle Belle. We've designed the Tinkle Belle to be the best product in it's category, and it's our mission to be the female urination device that empowers women to live their #lifeoutSTANDING.

The Tinkle Belle has intentionally set itself up with a small team and low administrative overhead so that we can be good stewards of the funds that will go to support the God Forgives Foundation.  We always use only the best materials to supply a quality USA made product and a solution for women.

If you'd like to learn more about the foundation, you can go to:

We partner with other people, foundations and entities to help facilitate our mission like Angel House. For more information about Angel House go to: