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What is The Tinkle Belle?

The Tinkle Belle is a female accessory that allows women to urinate discreetly while standing up.  The Tinkle Belle eliminates squatting, and you do not need to disrobe!

Who needs The Tinkle Belle?

All women need The Tinkle Belle. Are you tired of having to use a disgusting bathroom and hovering over the filthy toilet? On road trips, but don't want to "hold it for hours" or squat behind the car mooning traffic? Are you at a brewfest and feel the need to go, but don't want to sit on the disgusting outhouse seat? Love to take a long hike or run and can't find any cover to pee? On the boat all comfy in the sun and the water is waaayy too cold to jump in? Tired of squatting just to find you just bared your bum to the next hiking group and the mosquitos? Maybe you just are tired of sitting in urine at the public restrooms. The Tinkle Belle now allows you to dictate where and when you go. Not even Mother Nature can boss you around!

Where can I use The Tinkle Belle?

You can use The Tinkle Belle anywhere you go!  Camping, concerts, festivals, hiking, biking, boating, hospital stays, road trips, travel, skiing, rest stop stations, outhouses- anywhere you go, bring your Tinkle Belle!  

Can younger girls use The Tinkle Belle? 

Of course! There are no age limits with The Tinkle Belle. If they can stand by themselves and can tell you they have to go potty, then they are old enough. It's awesome to help the young girls be liberated and stand to pee. It's best to have an adult help.

How do I use The Tinkle Belle?

  1. Unfold The Tinkle Belle soft liner outward so that the spout is fully extended.
  2. Flex the hard shell portion outward if desired to utilize a more open trough area.  You can repeat as needed-The Tinkle Belle is flexible and durable!
  3. Move panties or clothing to the side or down.
  4. Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
  5. Slide The Tinkle Belle into your clothing or fly. 
  6. Place the hard shell portion of The Tinkle Belle under your urethra so that urine flows directly into the hard shell portion of the accessory. Most women find that the back edge of the Tinkle Belle is positioned under the center of the vaginal opening. 
  7. Utilize the thumb rests to point the spout DOWN for proper seal. This will allow The Tinkle Belle to seal against your body. Make sure any clothing/fly/zipper is under the hard shell portion of The Tinkle Belle. The thumb rests should be accessible in front of clothing.
  8. When properly positioned, the end of the spout should be the lowest point pointed downward.
  9. Push your rear backwards to let gravity do its job. (yes, looking down does help!)
  10. Relax and #letpeedomring.
  11. When finished, keep The Tinkle Belle pointed down.
  12. To wipe, slowly pull the Tinkle Belle forward with gentle pressure utilizing the extreme comfort lip. This will catch any last drops and leave you feeling clean and dry.
  13. Shake any remaining drops off of your Tinkle Belle Accessory.
  14. To store your Tinkle Belle, fold back the soft spout under the hard shell and keep it in the supplied carry case.  The spout can also be stored by folding it to the side, but it may maintain "fold memory." You can fix this by pinching it to the opposite side a few times to straighten the spout.
  15. Enjoy your #lifeOUTSTANDING- get out and GO!

Hint- Feeling nervous about your first try?  A great way to be confident in using The Tinkle Belle is to start by practicing in the shower.

Tinkle Belle Technical Specifications

  • The Tinkle Belle is 9.25 inches (23.5 cm) long when it is fully extended. Folded in half, the Tinkle Belle is 5.5 inches (14 cm) long.
  • The Tinkle Belle weighs 1.8 oz (50 g) The Tinkle Belle with the case weighs 2.6 oz. (75 g)
  • Antimicrobial- Nobody likes germs down there!
  • Hydrophobic! The Tinkle Belle sheds liquid making toilet paper unnecessary.
  • UV stabilized. (Because we're outdoors in the sun!)
  • Anatomically shaped to fit the female form.
  • Works consistently and easily without leaking or collapsing.
  • Foldable, compact, discreet and easily portable.
  • Longer total length to avoid splashing yourself #SizeMatters
  • Use while fully clothed allowing for minimal exposure.  No need to show all of your assets!
  • Reusable and Earth friendly!
  • Easy to clean, top rack dishwasher safe and dries quickly.
  • Soft, flexible, rounded lip for extreme wiping comfort.
  • Thumb rests for proper placement and ease of use.
  • Engineered with a durable hard shell to direct more liquid volume
  • Designed to reduce splashing and provide less risk of overflow.
  • Stylish carrying case is machine washable, and even has a carabiner!

How does The Tinkle Belle fit?

The Tinkle Belle is designed to fit your shape and curves.  It fits a wide variety of women and yes, children too!

Watch How.

In fact, we've patented the design. The Tinkle Belle is easy to use and fits your shape! You can pee with confidence without any leaks.

How do I care for my Tinkle Belle?

While on your adventure, you may rinse with bottled water, wipe with a disinfecting wipe, tissue, or shake and store until hot water and soap are available.  If you have an infection, disinfect after each use.  The Tinkle Belle is top-rack dishwasher safe.  The fabric carry case is machine washable on warm and air dry, or wash and dry on low heat.

The Tinkle Belle may have "memory" if stored in a folded position. Easily correct the spout by moving it back and forth from side to side.  If storing The Tinkle Belle for longer periods of time, it is best to keep it at room temperature with the soft spout folded under the hard shell portion.

You can download the brochure-user manual HERE.