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02-23-2023  - Hello, my name is Jessie Moffitt. I’ve been a wind turbine technician for four years now. You may not know this about wind turbines, but they are not built with bathrooms. This was an obstacle I did not expect when I first started. Having to climb down and back up 300 feet to squat was not happening. I found another device, but it would overflow if I really had to go and wearing wet work pants isn’t fun for anyone. Luckily, I stumbled upon the Tinkle Belle. I’m writing to tell you about all of this because I’ve become an avid spokesperson for your product. The Tinkle Belle gives women a whole new sense of independence. My aunt was stuck on the freeway for 10 hours in a snowstorm and wasn’t going to get out of her car to squat in front of everyone else also stuck on the freeway. She doesn’t have to worry about that now that she has a Tinkle Belle! Nearly every woman wind tech knows of your product and if they don’t, hopefully they find out soon. It’s a real game changer. I’ve convinced my family and friends. I’ve used your product on camping trips, festivals, and at work. I’m sure there are other industries that your product has changed the life of women in and I just give you my many thanks on behalf of all women in wind and the trades.

2-11-2023 - I just wanted to say thanks for making this product. It’s pretty awesome. I’m a wildland firefighter, and 90-100% of the time there is no restroom, and no where to find privacy to squat pee. Now that I’ve gotten used to using this device, I’m not afraid to relieve myself when I have to. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be fully hydrated because I’d worry about getting to a bush or restroom. Now, I stay hydrated while working because I can literally go anywhere. It’s really helped me at work. Thanks again.

Aleisha - Wildland firefighter in Colorado.


I have now been using the Tinkle Belle for a year and a half. I can't say enough good things about it. I take it with me everywhere. It was a lifesaver camping in Iceland where staying try and peeing in a windy/rainy environment would have been a major challenge. I was the only one who didn't "contaminate" my snowsuit while dog sledding for three days in the Arctic Circle. I even wrote my name in the snow!! I sometimes work in the field for hours on end, sometimes in an environment where I am one of few women, and having an option to discreetly pee without having to bare my behind helps quite a bit! I keep this in the car when I am traveling around Europe for those rural areas where bathrooms are few and far between, and have really regretted the one or two times I didn't have it with me! And I have only had an issue with use one time...and it has to do more with a bit too much whiskey around the campfire before trying to use it in the dark. The quality of the product is awesome. I would bet it will last me an incredibly long time. And if it ever does wear out, I will definitely buy another!

Angie - verified purchase

“So easy to use, I was able to use it successfully on the first try. It’s nice and compact so you can take it with you wherever you go. This will be a game changer for those chilly camping trips!”
-Ruth, verified purchase
This is the first time I am writing a review.  I am 67 years old.  I live in Washington DC and during the pandemic this female urinal has been a lifesaver.  Before purchasing my Tinkle Belle- I would run home to use the bathroom.  Now- I can pee anytime.  I am thrilled with this product.
-DS, verified purchase



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Linda Tinkle Belle positive thumbs up ratingThe Tinkle Belle is awesome! For all ladies who love the outdoors where there are no bathrooms you don't have to undress to relieve yourself. Ladies, if you travel out of the USA take your Tinkle Belle along. In some countries there is just a hole in the floor for you to stand over. Your Tinkle Belle will come in handy. This is the best money I ever spent on something so easy to use!

Linda Potvin, Traveler 



Tinkle Belle happy userNo learning curve! Very easy! I have tried a few other standup devices, but this is by far the best!

@withpinenuts  Outdoor Enthusiast, Adventurer



Tinkle Belle positive review for adventureAs a woman, certain outdoor activities require privacy and precautions. Finally, thanks to @thetinklebelle, I (Jen) have found a product that allows me to answer nature’s call without letting it all hang out. I can’t wait to use my new #TinkleBelle on our upcoming trips! The little things make a world of difference for us!  The @thetinklebelle came with easy to follow directions, I followed them, and on the first try I didn't have any issues!

@family_adventures_overlanding, Jen, Adventurer, Overlander