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Buy The Tinkle Belle! Stand-to-Pee Discreetly!


It's summer!

Don't worry about where the next restroom will be! Get your Tinkle Belle now and set your next adventure- 


Cool Features You Will Love


    The Tinkle Belle is LONG when unfolded and being used, but compact when you are out and about! We know that #sizematters .This longer spout allows you to pee further away from your body.  No more peeing on your feet and clothes! You can now have a longest pee distance contest! When you're done being victorious, you can fold it in half to make it compact and be a discreet champion!


    Nobody likes germs or bad odors. We've made the Tinkle Belle antimicrobial so that it's bacteria resistant and will help keep your accessory odor free.  It also is hydrophobic so that it repels liquid! No excess moisture or odor while carrying your Tinkle Belle!  


    The Tinkle Belle is anatomically shaped for most women's vaginas, lady parts, hoo-has, sissies, hoo-hoos, and vajayjays, so that you can pee in confidence without having an oops. The anatomical shape allows for the correct seal against your body and our built-in thumb-rests assure proper placement. Aim with precision!