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With The Tinkle Belle, you have the freedom to just go.

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With The Tinkle Belle you can avoid public restrooms completely!  Touch fewer germs and viruses!

don't sit on dirty public toilets!

If you do have to use a public restroom, don't hover or touch dirty surfaces!  Use your Tinkle Belle to stand to pee!

If you find yourself in a situation where toilet paper is not available, don't worry!  The Tinkle Belle has a wiping edge to squeegee away remaining drips and drops!  


Yes you can.


I love the fact that I can use this in a public bathroom or in the woods and I'm not touching anything gross! I'm no longer scrambling to find toilet paper to line a toilet seat, hoping the paper will stay in place and keep my skin free from touching something nasty or contagious. I just hold this up against my parts and go! Super easy to clean and very easy to transport with me. No matter how bad I need to pee, it never overloads in the funnel and overflows. LOVE THIS!!!!

Erik Petroni

I want to give a shout out to this company for their amazing customer service. When I ordered my Tinkle Belle from Amazon it never came. The only contact information I could find to follow up on my order was the manufacturer, so I asked them if they could contact Amazon, and they followed up immediately with another shipment. Great customer care!!
Now the review. I have also purchased both the Go girl and the Venus to Mars and to give credit where credit is due, both of the others kept me from having to squat in the brambles of thorny bushes or obnoxious stinging nettle. But the Tinkle Belle affords me better piece of mind in three ways.

#1. It's lined with a soft silicone material that comes up and over the edge of the formed plastic, making it far more comfortable than the Venus to Mars.

#2. It's got just the right length to ensure your urine stream clears your clothing and doesn't splatter all over your shoes. Better than both Venus to Mars and Go-Girl.

#3. The silicone lining is a repellent type of material so the liquid beads up and rolls right off. I always rinse with a bit of water from my water bottle immediately afterwards for extra cleanliness.

I store my Tinkle Belle when I'm not hiking or off road in a larger carry pouch alongside the original carry pouch so as not to stress the flexible material by keeping it folded too long. Whenever I come back from hiking or off roading I restore it to it's original shape and put it back in storage. It's never had a problem with "memory".

I love Tinkle Belle and the freedom it affords me!


Lifesaver or bladder saver in this case! This is the BEST female urinal device I have EVER purchased and have tried nearly 15 others.  As a women BSA leader, mom and avid kayaker and camper the Tinkle Belle works flawlessly while standing, squatting and even sitting. The best part is I am able to slide the Tinkle Belle through my open zipper, align it up to my body and go (now I know why men always pee on trees).  I have also been able to use it while sitting in my Hobie Kayak all I do is the same as above but insert the spout into my collapsible urinal and go. All in all I am overly impressed at the ease of use, functionality and ergonomic design. The instructions are incredibly well written and easy to follow. The compact design allows for easy travel. Well done Tinker belle! Do you have a referral program? If so sign me up!
Here is the link to the collapsible urinal that pairs great with the Tinker Belle especially if you spend a lot of time on the water.


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