The Tinkle Belle! Stand-to-Pee Discreetly!

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The Tinkle Belle stand to pee accessory was designed by women that want to enjoy life without worry of where to pee. Life's easier when you're not concerned about having find a bathroom, or finding a bathroom only to see that it is completely disgusting and unsanitary. You can discreetly pee with minimal life interruption while being modest and unembarrassed.

The Tinkle Belle has many features that you need and want when you are going to stand to pee:

• Color: Tinkle Belle teal green shell and dark grey liner.

Antimicrobial Nobody likes germs down there! It's antimicrobial on the shell and liner. No worries!

• UV Protected Because sometimes the Tinkle Belle likes to get some sun!

Anatomically shaped to fit the female form. Watch our video fit your curves on #YouTube

Works consistently and easily without leaking or collapsing.

Foldable, compact, discreet and portable.

Longer total length to avoid splashing yourself, because #SizeMatters

Use while fully clothed, allowing for minimal exposure. No need to show all of your assets!

Reusable so it is earth friendly!

Easy to clean, top-rack dishwasher safe, dries quickly.

• Soft, flexible, rounded lip for extreme wiping comfort.

Thumb rests for proper placement and ease.

Hydrophobic! The Tinkle Belle sheds liquid making toilet paper unnecessary.

• Engineered with a durable hard shell to direct more liquid volume.

• Designed to reduce splashing and providing less risk of overflow.

Stylish carrying case is reusable, machine washable, and even has a caribiner!

• Made in the USA The Tinkle Belle is proudly made in the USA! We love to support our fine, American craftsmanship and workers!